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Focus areas

Our sustainability strategy recognizes five sustainability focus areas. It is in these areas that we want to further innovate and collaborate to develop and apply new technologies and approaches that can help minimize the negative and enhance the positive impact of our business.


Climate change

Climate change and its consequences are increasingly urgent topics for society and our sector to address. Taking action is no longer optional and we’ve set a direction for our business, in alignment with the Paris Climate agreement. Boskalis has the ambition to be climate neutral by 2050 across our global operations.

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Biodiversity and ecosystems

我们的目标是引领行业发展中nature-based solutions to protect and enhance coastal ecosystems. We see partnerships and collaboration as the backbone of our approach to help achieve this ambition. We can achieve much more by working together with others, sharing our knowledge and learning from each other. In the coming years that means we will continue to work with our clients and other stakeholders to scale and improve our Building with Nature offering.

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Local community and development

Engaging with and managing our impact on local communities is an increasingly important part of our work. In many cases our presence in a location creates a positive socio-economic impact through local job creation, procurement or community investment. Where we can, we seek to enhance these positive impacts through our community investments or our project management approach. At the same time, we pay close attention to potential adverse impacts on communities from our activities.

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Employee and talent development

We work in challenging locations on complex, technical and demanding projects. We rely on our team of dedicated, experienced professionals to achieve our ambitions. That is why we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that challenges and inspires our employees to build their careers and achieve their potential with Boskalis.

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Safety is a core value and a top priority at our company. Our No Injuries No Accidents (NINA) safety program reflects our objective of ensuring our employees return from work safely each day. NINA embeds the desired safety culture in our organization and makes safety a fully integrated part of working behavior.

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